An employment history template is a document which provides the structure of an employment history. Such a document charts an individual’s complete career status till the date of composition, and it included details of prior jobs, positions undertaken, and duties carried out. It must be written clearly, and efforts should be made to make it as comprehensive as possible.

You can Download the Free Employment History Template form, customize it according to your needs and Print. Employment History Template is either in MS Word, Excel or in PDF.

Sample Employment History Template:

Employment History Template

 Download Employment History Template

Name of individual: _________________________________

Date of birth: ______________________________ [mention the details about the individual]

Current employment: _____________________________ [mention the individual’s current employment status, i.e. whether he is employed or not]

Record of prior employments:

  • Employment 1: ________________________________________
  • Employment 2: ________________________________________
  • Employment 3: _________________________________________ [mention the names of the companies, businesses or enterprises in which the individual was engaged formerly]

Positions in which the individual served in his previous employments:

  • Position 1: ________________________ duties included: ___________________
  • Position 2: ________________________ duties included: ___________________
  • Position 3: ________________________ duties included: ___________________ [mention the designation occupied by the individual in these previous employments and the duties and responsibilities he was expected to carry out in each of these jobs. Also mention the time period for which he was attached to each of these jobs]

Education qualification of the individual: _____________________________ [briefly mention the academic background of the individual as a marker of his suitability for particular jobs]

Interests of the individual: _______________________________ [mention briefly the areas of interest and engagement of the individual so that a clearer picture emerges of his professional capability and suitability for certain jobs]

Acknowledged by ____________________ [specify the acknowledgment for authenticity]