This template acts as a guide for employees willing to reject their employment. A good employment rejection template should be professional and concise. The person offered the job must indicate reasons for declining the offer. Such reasons could include area he/she is posted to, improvement of working conditions at his present job.

The employment rejection letter template given below is a formatted document which serves the purpose of a regular employment rejection letter. It makes it convenient for the individuals to frame their letters when they wish to decline an employment offer made to them by the respective company. They merely need to fill the blanks with their details before using the template. The letter informs the company that the person politely refuses profile offered, while also stating the reason for the decision.

“You can Download the Free Employment rejection letter Template form, customize it according to your needs and Print. Employment rejection letter Template is either in MS Word, Excel or in PDF.”

Sample Employment rejection letter template

Employment rejection letter template

Download Employment rejection letter template


Your name

Street address

City, street ZIP code

Recipient address


Company name

Street address

City, street ZIP code

Dear (recipient name)

I am delighted by your offer of the position of ……………………………I find it very generous.

After careful consideration I have decided that I should stay in my current job.

Thank you for your confidence in me and for the opportunity to meet you.