An employment resume template dishes up as a support system while creating a resume for employment purpose. It provides a detailed idea of how to assign and stress on every bit of the required information by capturing as much attention of the employer as possible. It must be planned and developed with finesse to impress the employers.

Individuals seeking employment with a firm need to provide them with their resumes. The employment resume template given below serves the purpose of such a resume once the individual using it accurately fills in his/ her required details. The template helps the applicant describe his/ her suitability for the job by providing information such as educational qualifications, skills possessed, interests, experiences and personal traits etc. The employment resume is an essential part of recruitment process.

Sample Employment Resume Template

Employment Resume Template

Download Employment Resume Template

Name of the candidate: ___________________ [Provide the name of the candidate writing the resume]

Postal address: ___________________ [Provide the full authentic address of the candidate where the employer can mail him]

Career objective: __________________ [Mention the goals and objectives the candidate wants to accomplish after joining the job]

Career achievements: __________________ [State the notable accomplishments of the candidate that are important for the job by including the key abilities, career highlights and experiences gathered]

Employment background:

Company name 1: __________________           Job position: __________________

Company name 2: __________________           Job position: __________________

Company name 3: __________________           Job position: __________________

[State the career history depicting the career-graph of the candidate, his work history and past employments]

Chief responsibilities and duties: _________________________ [State the major functions of the job positions]

Educational background:

Institution name 1: _________________            Year of passing: __________________

Institution name 2: _________________            Year of passing: __________________

Institution name 3: _________________            Year of passing: __________________

[Provide a list of the educational institutions attended and the respective years of passing out]

Special awards and honours: ________________________ [State the names of the prizes achieved for exceptional academic performances]

Additional skills:

Skill: ________________                 Description of the skill: _______________________

[State the skill possessed and describe it in precise form]