Employment templates play a significant role in any organization. Such templates are drafted according to the requirement of a department of an organization. Hence, the pattern remains the same, whereas the information explaining the nature of a template can be changed. An employment template consists of the contact information of the employee, clauses of declaration and authority approval, etc.

Types of the employment templates:

  • Termination of employment template
  • Employment offer letter template
  • Employee rejection letter template
  • Employment interview template letter, etc

An employment template is accessed to hire, appoint, reject and terminate the employees. Therefore, as per the necessity, an effective employment template can be produced.

Following mentioned points must be considered while preparing an employment template:

  • Use a company letter head for preparing an employment template.
  • Mention the date and reference number in the employment template.
  • Name and address of the organization are required.
  • Start by mentioning the subject for which the template is drafted.
  • Write the title and other beneficial terms if it is a recruitment employment template.
  • Mention the term & conditions, duty description and declarations, if there is any in the template.
  • Signature of the authority and concerned employee at the end of the employment template.

By filling the required blanks, an organization can customize the employment template.