An employment verification form template is a document which provides an outline of the manner in which an employment verification form must be composed. Such a form is often required to be filled in by individuals to acquire more details about their professional selves, as well as to judge their credibility and the authenticity of their claims. For example, an individual seeking a loan from a bank may be asked to fill out an employment verification form.

Individuals have to provide their employment details and its proof at varied times for varied reasons for example when applying for insurances etc employee verification is needed to complete the legal formalities. The employment verification form template is a draft of the form that an individual as to fill in such cases. The template includes the name of the company individual works in, his/ her profile, job stats, financial plan, perks, responsibilities and terms of conduct etc.

Sample Employment Verification Form Template:

Employment Verification Form Template

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Employment verification form number: ___________________ [mention the relevant number]

Name: ____________________________ [name of individual]

Date of birth: _______________________ [dd/mm/yy]

Occupation: _________________________ [mention the place of work of the individual]

Position or designation in which employed: _______________________ [mention the designation or job position of the individual]

Date of joining: ________________________ [dd/mm/yy] [mention the relevant date]

Salary per month: ____________________________ [provide an estimate of the individual’s salary per month]

Please enter the following details regarding you employment in the spaces provided. Any error or inaccuracy in this regard shall not be pardoned:

  • _________________ [relevant document for employment verification 1]
  • _________________ [relevant document for employment verification 2]
  • _________________ [relevant document for employment verification 3]

Please provide your contact details as follows:

Residential address and phone number: _______________________________ [mention the relevant data]

Office address and phone number: __________________________________ [mention the individual’s official address and contact number]

Please supply an attested photocopy of any one of the following identity proofs along with this document:

  • ______ [identity proof 1]
  • ______ [identity proof 2]
  • ______ [identity proof 3]

Signature: ________________________________ [signature of individual]




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