Employment website template is a framework of the information uploaded on an official website related to careers and employment programmes. It allows employers to post information on their requirements and employees to make online applications by attaching their resumes. Hence it must be designed to save time and energy and help readers locate and use information displayed.

An employment website template is a pre-prepared document which provides the firm with a format of how to draft the employment information they wish to post online i.e. on a website. This template can be used by any firm by just altering as per their needs or just filling in their respective details. It helps post the information such as the new vacancies that might have come up, the new employment policies implemented or other work/ employment related news/ information.

Sample Employment Website Template

Employment Website Template

Downlaod Employment Website Template

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Name of the website: _____________ [Mention the full name of the employment website]

Last updated on: _______________ [Mention the date on which the website was updated]

Employers’ section:

Name of the employing company: ___________________ [Provide the name of the company looking for recruitment]

Date of establishment: __________________ [Provide the correct date of foundation of the organization]

Name of the company head: _____________________ [Give full name of the company chief executive in charge of the recruitment process]

Company biography: __________________ [Concisely discuss the achievements and accomplishments of the company to advertise for the post]

Job post: _____________________ [Provide the job title open to applications from candidates]

Major requirement 1: ______________

Major requirement 2: _______________ [List the demands and expectations of the company]

Candidates’ section:

Name of the employee: ______________ [Provide the name of the candidate interested in the company advertised in the website]

Gender: __________ [Mention the appropriate gender of the applicant]

Age: ____________ [Mention the correct age of the applicant]

Personal contact information: __________________ [Provide the information of the applicant including home, email address and phone number] [Upload the resume of the candidate with the necessary details]

Comments: __________________________________ [Leave a blank space for opinions]