An environmental questionnaire template is used to find out the views and opinions of respondents on various facets of environment. The target group among which the environmental questionnaire template can be administered can be school or college students, environmentalists, other professionals, or normal public. Depending on the target group, questions can vary. A sample environmental questionnaire template is given below for getting a deeper understanding on this topic.

You can Download the Free Environmental Questionnaire Template form, customize it according to your needs and Print. Environmental Questionnaire Template is either in MS Word, Excel or in PDF.

Sample Environmental Questionnaire Template:

Environmental Questionnaire Template

Download Environmental Questionnaire Template

Environmental Questionnaire

[Mention the name of the department or organization conducting this questionnaire]

The issues concerning environment is a heated topic for debate these days. So, as part of our efforts for getting your opinion we are conducting this survey on environment. Please spare a few moments for this survey and answer the questions given below. [Mention a small paragraph about the survey]

Thank you

______________ [Here you can mention the name of the organization administering the questionnaire]

Details of the respondent:

Name: ____________________ [Mention the name of the respondent]

Company: __________________ [Company working for]

Department: ________________ [Department or Business unit falling under]

Designation: ________________

Questions: [Sample questions are given below.]

1. Which of these environmental issues affect you?

a)  __________

b) __________

c) __________

d) __________ [You can list the options here]

2. Do you turn off lights when you leave the room?

a) Yes, always

b) No

c) Yes, if I remember

3. What are the various environmental organizations or groups that you are aware of?

___________ [This is an open-ended question which is to be answered by the respondent]

[Include other questions on environment like recycling, wastage, green house gas emissions, etc]