The essay cover sheet template is extremely important for all academic essays. This must be constructed using the APA or MLA format. The layout must have sufficient details regarding the author name, the teacher or professor-concerned, the details of the essay topic and the course of study the essay and student belong to. The essay cover sheet must be composed specifically in terms of the font and spacing. The essay cover sheet template must provide a general structure of how a cover sheet should be formatted. The student must ensure that he/she reads the necessary guidelines given during the essay topic and create the cover sheet accordingly.

Sample Essay Cover Sheet Template:

Essay Cover Sheet Template

Download Essay Cover Sheet Template

Essay Cover Sheet

[State the name of the university for which this essay has been created]

Title of Essay
[Specify the name of your essay title that should pertain to the topic guidelines give]

Subtitle: [Mention the subtitle of the essay, if there is any]

Topic: [State the essay topic that has been given to you in the essay guidelines]

[Mention your name according to the student identity card issued or the university student database]

Student Number:
[Carefully note down the student roll number which will be later used for purposes correction and publication of results]

Course/Department Name:
[State the name of the course of study you belong to]
Professor/Teacher/Mentor Name:
[State the name of the teacher to whom the essay will be submitted to]

Submission Date:
[Specify the date of submission of the essay. This should be according to the deadline given]