An essay format template is a document which contains a preview of the essay format for a particular topic. It should present each aspect of the essay format in template form, and thus an essay format template can be used by even those who are not familiar with essay formats In general. An essay template must contain an account of the various parts of an essay like the introduction, body and conclusion so that the format of the essay can be clearly constructed by using the template. It must be clear and precise and there should not be any confusion with regards to the various parts of the essay structure. It should be compiled by someone who is equipped with the technical aspects of essay writing, and is aware of the different parts of an essay format which can together combine to form a well written essay.

Sample Essay Format Template:

Essay Format Template

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Essay Format for: _______________________________ [Mention the name of the essay or the topic of the essay for which an essay format has to be created]

Date of submission of essay format: _____________________ [dd/mm/yy] [Provide the relevant date of submission]

Essay format framed by: _____________________________ [Mention the name of the essayist who will create the essay format]

Essay Format

  • Introduction: _______________________________________
  • Main body of the essay
  1. Argument 1: __________________________
  2. Argument 2: __________________________
  3. Argument 3: __________________________
  • Conclusion: ____________________________________________
  • [Mention the essay shall be divided into the following categories and how each category shall be handled]

Minimum word limit of the essay: _________________________ [Mention the word limit of the essay in the essay format]