An essay template example is a written sample of how an essay needs to be written to produce desirable effects on the readers. An essay comprises of a number of paragraphs, and can be written on a variety of topics that may be descriptive, argumentative, topical, narrative, etc. The example is to be shown in such a way that it contains the basic format of an essay in general and the template can be adopted likewise for purposes, as found suitable. A typical essay maintains a set style and the template example should be framed accordingly, to outline the points that guide in effective essay writing.

Sample Essay Template Example:

Essay Template Example

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_________________________________________________ [specify the title of the essay]


__________________________________________ [Mention the name of the author of the essay]

Points considered:

  • _____________________
  • _____________________
  • _____________________
  • _____________________

[Mention the various points that have been considered in framing the essay]


_________________________________________________________________ [Give an introductory passage that explains the topic of the essay and briefly states a view or some issue. In case of argumentative essays, the author has to mention here whether he is for or against the topic. The introduction should be strong enough to capture the reader’s interest.]

Body of the Essay:

  • _____________________________ [first point]

__________________________________________________________________________ [explanation of the first point, logic to support the claim, examples, etc]

  • _______________________________ [second point]

___________________________________________________________________________ [description]

  • ______________________________ [third point]

__________________________________________________________________________ [description]

  • ______________________________ [fourth point]

___________________________________________________________________________ [description]

  • _____________________________ [fifth point]

_________________________________________________________________________ [description]


________________________________________________________________________ [provide an outline of the essay, summarizing all the important points involved in the document, and draw a favourable conclusion]

Written on: _________________ [mention the date the essay was written on, to keep it as a record]

_______________________ [provide the signature or office stamp if it is an important official document]