An evaluation is a process by which a result can be determined on the basis of a set pattern or ground rule. Any kind of evaluation requires a response to questions or set standard practices which are then checked and a result or conclusion is inferred. Evaluation can be of many different types based on which different evaluation templates are designed.

An evaluation template is a pre written or ready to use document which is drafted by an expert using comprehensive details and a well structured format. Any evaluation template is basically useful for those individuals or organisations who wish to conduct an evaluation of a person, practice, system or a group of people so as to pass a judgement over the performance. A template of this kind is framed in such a way that the user can easily personalise or customise the template as per his/her requirements or evaluation specifications.

There are many types of evaluation templates. A few of the examples of such templates are given as follows:

  • Performance evaluation template
  • Employee evaluation template
  • Project evaluation template
  • Workshop evaluation template


The main use of these templates is for those who are not interested in drafting an evaluation form on their own so that they can save valuable time and have access to a document with a perfect structure and layout.