Event Fundraising templates are readymade documents which are used in conditions when fund needs to be raised for organising an event. This type of template contains all the details regarding an event and the sponsor.

Fundraisers are events which are conducted for collecting or raising money for a certain cause. Such events are generally organized for charity but they also be organized for purposes other than charity. The template given below is an outline document which can be used to give a proper description of the event. The template mentions the time, date, venue of the event along with the purpose of the fundraiser and the sponsor supporting it etc.

“You can Download the Free Event Fundraising Template form, customize it according to your needs and Print. Event Fundraising Template is either in MS Word, Excel or in PDF.”

Sample Event Fundraising Template

Event Fundraising Template

Download Event Fundraising Template

  1. Title of the Event: ______________________________________________________
  2. Description of the Event: ________________________________________________
  3. Date and Time of the Event: ______________________________________________
  4. Venue of the Event: ____________________________________________________
  5. Name of the ‘Guest of Honour’ of the Event: ________________________________
  6. Purpose of this fundraising Event: _________________________________________
  7. Names of the Event Sponsors: ____________________________________________
  8. Name of the local Media partner: __________________________________________
  9. Names of the Volunteers and duties assigned to them: _________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________
  10. Benefits for the sponsors: ________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________
  11. The potential Sponsors to be approached: ___________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________
  12. List of performances / presentations / discussion topics: ________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________
  13. Names of the participants / speakers: _______________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________
  14. Description of the target audience: _______________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________