Event Planner Website Template

Event planner website template provides you a sample preview to the look and design of an event planner website. The website should contain introduction to the company, its services, charges, and venues of the events. Contact information is also provided so that clients can get in touch with the event management and book their events.

Sample Event Planner Website Template

Event Planner

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Name of the Company: _______________ [As per company registration form]

Logo: _____________________________

Welcome to ________________________

Brief description: ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

[A short introduction to the company]

Home page:

Services:           _____________________________________________________

[Events being organized]

Founder:            _____________________________________________________

[People who have put the founding stone to the company]

Current Management: _____________________________________________________

[CEO, CFO, and other CXOs]

Our Services: [Different kinds of events listed one by one]

Meeting Planner-         Description:        _________________________________________

Locations:  ________________ Price: ___________________

Wedding Planner-        Description:        _________________________________________

Locations:  ________________ Price: ___________________

Tours and travels-       Description:        _________________________________________

Locations:  ________________ Price: ___________________

Conferences-              Description:        _________________________________________

Locations:  ________________ Price: ___________________

Arenas / Auditoriums-          Description:        __________________________________

Locations:  ________________ Price: ___________________

Contact Us:

Headquarters: [Main office]

Address1: _______________________________________________________

State: _______________ Telephone: _________ Email id: ________________

Fax: ________________

Other Offices: [Offices at other locations]

Address2: _______________________________________________________

State: _______________ Phone: _________ Email id: ____________________

Address3: _______________________________________________________

State: _______________ Phone: _________ Email id: ____________________

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