An event planning proposal is a kind of a proposal which an event planning or management company frames and sends to a client so as to propose the plan for organizing an event.  The proposal must speak about the various details of event planning such as decoration, theme, food, lighting, music and other things. The proposal is a formal document and must be thus framed carefully.

An event planning proposal template is a document that can be directly used to frame an event planning proposal. The template is left with spaces as well as a pre- formatted pattern which needs only a few changes to complete it.

  • An event planning proposal template is useful for those event planners that do not wish to waste time in creating a proposal from scratch or do not really know how to draft a proposal.
  • These templates are provided with most of the details but the blank spaces can be filled in to personalize the template as per individual need and specifications of the event plan.
  • These templates are easy to use, easy to customize and are very time saving as well.
  • You can download such templates from the web for your personal use.

Sample Event Planning Proposal Template


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