An event planning is the process required to plan a ceremony, seminar, competition, party, a stage play, a film screening or a festival. It is a time consuming and strenuous procedure which includes jobs like budgeting, deciding the target audience and the guests to be invited and most importantly the reason for the event. An event-planning template helps in smooth execution of these jobs and keeps the event organizer prepared beforehand.

An event planning template is a document prepared in advance for the convenience of the individuals who need to plan a certain event such as a corporate party, a cocktail party, promotional events, seminars etc. It is very easy to use these templates for personal help. The individual just needs to fill in the details relating to the event he/she is organizing. Planning the event by way of this template reduces the burden on the shoulders of the planner.

“You can Download the Free Event Planning Template form, customize it according to your needs and Print. Event Planning Template is either in MS Word, Excel or in PDF.”

Sample Event Planning Template:

Event Planning Template

Download Event Planning Template

____________________ [name of the event]

________________ [date on which the event is finally going to take place]

________________ [venue of the event, like the name of the auditorium]

_____________________________ [address of the venue]

We would like to organize the event on ______________ [topic of the event or purpose] and would like to invite _______________ [target audience] to understand the _____________ [how the event will help the target audience].

Activities in the event:




[Various activities]





[Name of volunteers in the organization team]

Budget: ___________ [cost of organizing the event]