Many events look for sponsors to fund a part of their expenses in organizing the event and in such conditions, they have to fill up an event sponsorship proposal template and send it to the sponsoring organization for approval of the proposal.

Organizing an event needs a flow of certain amount of funds. When the amount of funds required is large the event is usually sponsored. The event sponsorship proposal template given below makes it convenient for the planners to frame the proposals they plan to present to the potential sponsors. It is very easy to use this template, the planners have to fill the blanks in the template with the details of the proposal and it is ready to be sent to the sponsors.

“You can Download the Free Event Sponsorship Proposal Template form, customize it according to your needs and Print. Event Sponsorship Proposal Template is either in MS Word, Excel or in PDF.”

Sample Event Sponsorship Proposal Template

Event Sponsorship Proposal Template

Download Event Sponsorship Proposal Template

  • ACTIVITY / EVENT – __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ [A brief summary of the event which is to be organised]
  • POTENTIAL ACTIVITY / EVENT TITLE – _____________________________________________________________________

[Name of the event and further details]

  • TARGET PARTICIPANTS – _____________________________________________________________________[Details of the Participants and their background]
  • TARGET SPECTATORS – _____________________________________________________________________[Details of the Spectators]
  • PUBLICITY MESSAGES POSSIBLE – ____________________________________________________________________
  • EVALUATION TECHNIQUE TO BE EMPLOYED – _____________________________________________________________________ [Details of the number of teams and spectators that see the message of the sponsors and their feedback]
  • ORGANIZATION WHICH NEEDS THE SPONSORSHIP – _____________________________________________________________________ [Details of your organization]

_________________________________ [Name of the Sponsoring Organization]

_________________________________ [Address of the Sponsoring Organization]

_________________________________ [Contact Details of the Sponsoring Organization]