Export packaging list refers to the list which is makes a note of all the items that are being exported by someone. The entities or individuals that most commonly make use of such lists are the individuals or organisations whose business entails exporting of items across the boundary of their economy. There are also times when these lists may be used by individuals exporting items on personal basis rather than professional ones. The export packaging list templates are useful to any of the above mentioned entities. The templates help them to make properly formatted list of their own.

The format of the list is important because an improper list which does not follow a pattern may appear confusing. This can lead to further problems for those who are exporting and more so for those who are expecting to receive the items being exported. They must thus make the lists with caution. A template makes this task of making list with caution easier; for all that the individual/ entity has to do when they are using a template is- follow the instructions given in the template and prepare the list accordingly. When using templates the scope of making mistakes or errors (which result in inconveniences) is reduced to a great extent.

Sample Export Packaging List Template:


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