The expository essay template is used for the purpose of providing adequate information with regards to events, books, ideas, processes, historical events. The format is similar to a regular essay but the divisions are required to be more detailed and precise relating to the subject at hand. There must be sufficient provision made for the writers for explaining the essay in a succinct approach. The composition of this type of essay needs to be precise and clear and should come with proper research and citations. Therefore, such an essay template is generally used for academic purposes but it can be modified according to the essay topic provided.

Sample Expository Essay Template:

Expository Essay Template

Donwload Expository Essay Template

Expository Essay

Essay composed by:_____________ [Mention the name of the author or authors of the essay]

Topic: ______________________[ Specify the topic given for the expository essay]

Academic Institution:___________________________[State the name of the institution for which the expository essay is being written]

Title:__________________________[Mention the title given by you for the essay]

Submission Deadline:___________ to_____________ [dd/mm/yy] [State the time period given to compose this essay]

Submission date:___________ [dd/mm/yy]

Introduction [Provide a statement related to the expository essay as well asthe topic, information and supporting statement  covered in the first paragraph]

Paragraph I:


Topic :________________________________

Background Information:_________________________

Supporting Statement:______________________

Body  [Mention the evidence gathered for the expository essay topic and organize the main points accordingly]

Paragraph II:

Evidence 1:_________________________

Evidence 2:_____________________________

Evidence 3:____________________________________

Paragraph III:





Conclusion: [Summarize the important points and provide a summary statement as well]

Paragraph IV:


Steps to be taken:




Summary Statement____________________________________

Research References [Mention all the external sources consulted for the essay]