An Extracurricular certificate template is filled up and awarded to students who participate in extracurricular activities or exhibit exemplary performance in that. This template can be used for all students by just filling up the details.

In today’s world students need to excel in various extracurricular activities such as painting, singing, dancing, acting, and sports etc. along with their curriculum studies. All educational institutions conduct events pertaining to these extracurricular activities while imparting knowledge. The students who perform well in these activities are awarded certificates. The certificate template here is framed to follow the format of such certificates. Any institution can use this template as regular certificates and issue them by filling in the details of their respective students.

Sample Extracurricular Certificate Template:

Extracurricular Certificate Template

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This extracurricular certificate is awarded to _____________________________ [Name of the Participant / Awarded] for _____________________________ [Participation / Excellent performance] in _____________________________ [Name of the Event] held in ____________________________ [Name of the Venue] organized by __________________

[Name of the host organization]

He / she of ___________________________ [Name of the school of the student] has won the _________________________ [1st / 2nd / 3rd prize] for the category _____________________ [Name of the category of the event] on the date _________________________ [Give the date of the event].

His or her list of achievements includes:

  • _________________________________________________
  • _________________________________________________
  • _________________________________________________
  • _________________________________________________

[Write down his or her achievements in the same event and the specialties.]