Farewell parties are conducted in the situation where a person or an entire group has completed a certain course or is retiring from a service or task.  These parties are generally hosted by the institute or authority which is granting farewell to the person or group. The best way to invite someone for a farewell party is by writing or sending a farewell party invitation. These invitations give the details of the party venue, date, time and day and other matters. A farewell party invitation template is a ready to use kind of a document that can be converted into an actual party invitation just by making a few additions and changes.

A farewell party invitation template is basically the layout of an invitation which gives all the headings and fields that are needed in any typical invitation letter or card. These templates have some spaces given against the fields or headings that can be filled in with appropriate or relevant information by the user. Infact, users can also make use of the instructions given in the template to fill in or complete the template. These templates are easily available online and can be downloaded or purchased by any person.

Sample Farewell Party Invitation Template:


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