A fashion show program template is a document that is designed especially to contain details of a certain program that displays a fashion show. Generally, fashion shows include not just models participating in the show but also choreographers who prepare them for the event and ramp walk, designers who make dresses for them, and makeup men, sound and light specialists, etc. Any fashion show needs to be very systematic in its approach and all the events should be conducted in an orderly fashion so as to create the desired impact upon the audience. The template should thus contain complete details of all the factors of the fashion show program that is to be held.

You can Download the Free Fashion Show Program Template form, customize it according to your needs and Print. Fashion Show Program Template is either in MS Word, Excel or in PDF.

Sample Fashion Show Program Template:

Fashion Show Program Template

Download Fashion Show Program Template


The fashion show program titled _______________________________________ [mention the title of the program] is to be held on _____________ [give the exact date of the program] at the ________________________ [provide details of the program venue]. The timings for the fashion show are from ____________ to _____________ [mention the exact time span of the program].

Please go through the following document for further details of the program.

Theme of the program:

___________________________________________________________ [mention the theme and the program specifications]

Purpose: ________________________________________________________________ [mention the purpose of selecting such a theme and conducting this fashion show program]

Program Details:

  • _____________________________ [name of event 1]

__________________________________________________________ [complete description with all the required details]

  • _____________________________ [name of event 2]

__________________________________________________________ [description]

  • _____________________________ [name of event 3]

__________________________________________________________ [details]


  1. __________________________________________
  2. __________________________________________
  3. __________________________________________
  4. __________________________________________
  5. __________________________________________

[provide name, identity, and contact details of all the participants who will be a part of the fashion show program]

Designers, choreographers, make-up men, and other mentors for the show:

  1. ___________________________
  2. ___________________________
  3. ___________________________
  4. ___________________________
  5. ___________________________
  6. ____________________________

[give the names and complete details of all the people involved in the program]

Our front row will comprise of renowned audience like

  • ________________________
  • ________________________
  • ________________________

[mention all names]

and others who have been invited are _____________________________________________ [give details of other members in the audience list]

We will be eagerly waiting for your gracious presence in this fashion show program.

Thanking You


[Organizer’s signature]

Date: ______________