A fellowship application is a kind of an application which is made by a person who is interested in a certain fellowship or fellowship program at a college or any other educational institute.  The application must consist of all the personal details of the applicant, his/her educational qualifications, skills and other specifications.

The application must also have a good and formal format but in many cases, applicants are unsure of the format, the content or both and in such cases, they may use a fellowship application template.

A fellowship application template is a ready to use and readymade fellowship application which just needs a few changes and a few additions in order to complete it. The template is often used by those who wish to apply for fellowships but do not know how to go about it.

Basically, a fellowship application template is an easy to use, customizable and a time saving version of an actual application and can be used by anyone. Such templates are easily available on the web, from where they can be downloaded either by paying a certain fee or for free of cost. Such templates are widely used and very popular all over the world.

Sample Fellowship Application Template:

Fellowship Application Template

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