Fitness letterhead is a broad heading which will contain all the letterheads that are used by entities or organisation or individuals in the fitness industry. For example a fitness letterhead may be referred to one used by fitness agency, fitness trainers, fitness gurus and fitness centres etc. The basic purpose of such letterheads may be for the centres/ trainers/ gurus to make diet recommendations make exercise regime recommendations, to prescribe health substitutes, fitness tests etc. So, whenever any of above mentioned entities does any of the above mentioned task they use what is called the fitness letterhead. In order to draft such letters head in an attractive manner, one can make use of fitness letterhead template.

The fitness letterhead template follows a certain set pattern or format which helps to make a presentable letterhead. The templates will help the respective entity mention all of their/ its details properly and nicely. The details will generally include information like the official name (or full name), the contact details (like the mobile/ contact number, the correspondence address, email address etc.) and the details like the timings of operation etc. These types of templates are not only easy to use but also help the individual and organisation to save lot of time.

Sample Fitness Letterhead Template:


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