A food safety program template contains details of maintaining the safety standards of food products, without compromising with the quality factors such as taste, colour, shape and size, etc. Food safety is an important aspect as food is one vital thing in our day-to-day life which we can’t live without and its safety is thus significantly important for all of us. A food safety program is generally conducted to create awareness regarding the maintenance of safety levels of food materials and finished products and the template should thus contain relevant details of designing a successful program.

You can Download the Free Food Safety Program Template form, customize it according to your needs and Print. Food Safety Program Template is either in MS Word, Excel or in PDF.

Sample Food Safety Program Template:

Food Safety Program Template

Download Food Safety Program Template












Name of organization: _________________________________________________ [mention the name of the company, firm, brand or organization conducting the food safety program]


Address: ___________________________ [give proper postal address of the organization]


Contact number: ______________________ [telephone]

______________________ [fax]


Website address: __________________ [give proper email id]


Food Safety Program subject to: ______________________________________ [mention the group of people for whom the food safety program has been specially designed, if so]
Purpose: _______________________________________________________________ [state and explain the primary objectives of the food safety program, emphasizing on factors such as degradation of food qualities, increase in diseases and the relevance of the program in connection to these problems]


Document prepared by: ______________________________________ [mention the name of the individual or team members who have prepared the document] 

Food Safety Program supported by: _________________________________________ [mention the name of the organization commissioning the program]



[mention the various activities to be included in the food safety program]


[describe the corresponding activity as part of the program]

_____________________________ [signature of the head of the organization] 

_____________________________ [signature of medical officer]