A free calendar template is a blueprint of a calendar which can be designed and redesigned to create a personalized calendar format. It is crafted with enough flexibility so that the user can derive it in his own way to create a calendar which would suffice his needs, personal or otherwise. Thus it can be used to store one’s schedule and plans besides birthdays and anniversaries to do the needful on time. Free calendars are made available on online stores in printable forms that can be downloaded and then refurbished to produce the calendar of one’s choice. The minute details can be easily incorporated here by making or changing the notes for each plan.

You can Download the Free Free Calendar Template form, customize it according to your needs and Print. Free Calendar Template is either in MS Word, Excel or in PDF.

Sample Free Calendar Template

Free Calendar Template

Download Free Calendar Template


________ YEAR

User name: _____________ [Give the name of the person who has created the calendar]
Contact details: _____________________ [Give the concerned person’s call details]
Address: ____________________ [State the correct address of the person]
Company name: ________________________ [Mention the name of his employer]
Official post: _____ [State the job-level] Average number of meetings: _________ [Mention the number of meetings per month] Average number of appointments: _______ [Mention the number of appointments per week]
Purpose: [Enumerate the purposes of creating the free calendar]
1. Business purpose: _____________________ [Decode the exact business objectives]
2. Personal purpose: _____________________ [Decode the exact private reasons]
1. MONTH [Indicate the first month of the year]
Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
Monthly Planner:
Date [Mention the stipulated date] Appointments [Enlist the appointment timings] Meetings [Mention the meeting schedule] Details [Enumerate the event details]