Digital signature is the electronic signature that is being used to present the authenticity of a particular digital document on which it is being inserted. This kind of signature is generally added after completion of the digital document in order to acknowledge the creator of the document so that the information presented within it could be validated. To understand how and what kind of digital signature could be inserted, one can take the help of free digital signature template available readily in the internet and through other resources. However, one has to be careful in choosing such template as it also involves security features of the document. Hence, it must have a definite and authentic look.

Sample Free Digital Signature Template

Free Digital Signature Template

Download Free Digital Signature Template

__________________ [specify the name of the certificate or document which would bear the digital signature]

Document Presented by: ____________________________[mention the name of the creator]

The document or certification presented on _______________[mention a valid date on which the document is being framed]

Purpose of the document: [In this section, the particular objective behind framing the document has to be stated as well.]

Lineaments: [A separate section has to be created for detailing other lineaments of the concern document. Moreover, this section can be customized or modified according to the need of the document.]

Digital Signature: [In order to impart an authenticate look to the document it is essential to specify with a signature of the concern authority. Digital signature is one such electronic signature which represent the authenticity of the digital document, certificate or message]