A free event template is a checklist of the programs that are initially planned for incorporation into an event. It provides a tour of the event on a virtual level and draws the plans in an orderly fashion. Thus the template presents the list of items and their relevant details for the planners to dispatch a rough idea of the way the event would turn out. It also lays down the pre-event plans apart from deciding major issues like venue, date and time of the big day. Thus the document should demonstrate the future plans on the basis of the budget allocated or funds available for the event and reveal the task components specifically for greater understanding.

Sample Free Event Template

Free Event Template

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Name of the event:


[Mention the title of the event]

Name of the organization: _____________ [State the name of the organization patronizing the event]

Name of event planner: ___________ [State the name of the person planning the event]

Date: ____________ [Specify the date of the occasion in DD/MM/YY format]

Time: ___________ pm to ___________ pm [Specify the time of the event]

Pre-event plans: [Illustrate the works to be secured by the respective personnel prior to the event under the following broad topics]


Personnel Name

1. Invitation of guests and clients
2. Allocation of budget
3. Booking of the event-venue
4. Decoration of the spot
5. Procurement of equipments and items
4. Overall management
Event Programs: [Enumerate the items to be presented]


Starting Time

Ending Time


Signature: ______________ [Provide signature of the planner]