A free health template is a document which depicts the lineation for detailing personal health factors of an individual or group of people from either physical or mental genre, usually chartered by a medical centre. On one hand it clarifies the general health issues prevailing in the concerned group and on the other hand it provides some apt treatment or prevention procedures especially designed for those. Thus it is not just about the promotional policies adopted by hospitals and nursing homes. It is also important for recording the health status of ordinary people who are threatened with medical problems that have the potential to turn fatal with age. Therefore it should be designed very sincerely by understanding the seeds of major health issues to provide practicable solutions.

Sample Free Health Template

Free Health Template

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Health document prepared by:

Name of the organization: _______________ [Name the concerned nursinghome]

Address: ____________ [Provide the full address of the patient wards]

Phone: ______________ [Provide the contact number]

Website: ____________ [Provide the website address]

Health document prepared for:

Name: __________ [Name the person whose health factors are documented]

Age: _________ [Specify age]

Address: _______________ [Provide his residential address]

Phone: ____________ [Provide his cell number]

Email: ____________ [Record his email id]

Health conditions: [Enumerate the heath conditions of the person in terms of the following]

1. Number of times the doctor is summoned or visited every month: ____________

2. Health practices conformed to like jogging, yoga, exercise __________

3. Any diet routine followed: __________________

4. Average time span of sleep: ____________

Medical ailments:



Preventive Measures


Health Assessments