A free pamphlet template is a document which acts like a brochure or booklet carrying the details of a particular event in a lucid manner. Since it has limited pages, it cannot afford to accommodate every bit of information in long details. But it tries to compile and present the gist of the entire matter in a very soothing and convincing style including the most crucial information about the concerned object or event that are much more than just basic in nature. Usually such documents are made colorful and vibrant to draw the attention of readers. The spacing of paragraphs and use of pictures also counts in the format of pamphlets which do their bits to hold the reader’s attention.

Sample Free Pamphlet Template:

Free Pamphlet Template

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Title of the event: _______________ [Mention the name of the concerned program]


[Provide an artiste’s impression of the program]

Name of the organization: ______________ [Mention the name of the distributor]

Contact details: [State the contact information]

Phone: ________________ [Mention call number]

Address: ______________ [Mention mailing address]

Email: _________________ [Mention email id]

[Write a short paragraph explicating the problems that will be duly addressed in the program] ________________________________________________________________________

[Write a short paragraph elucidating the main causes of holding the program] ________________________________________________________________________

Information: [State the relevant details of the program]

Date: _____________ [Mention the stipulated date of holding the program]

Venue: ____________ [Mention the name of the location where the program is scheduled to take place]

Time: _______ am/pm [Indicate starting time] to ______ am/pm [Indicate closing time]

Guest: _____________________ [Mention the name of the chief guest]