A free presentation template is used to create a presentation template free of charge. Presentations are very important for making one’s point and are often used to explain a product, plan or service to the client or to employees in the office, or by students to explain a project in their class, at seminars etc. A presentation has the key points highlighted in bold so that it gets the attention of the people during a meeting, besides including some pictorial information too to make it more attractive. Along with presentation, a person speaks about the main points, which together helps to get the point across to the target. Usually software like PowerPoint is used to make presentations in offices or institutes.

You can Download the Free Free Presentation Template form, customize it according to your needs and Print. Free Presentation Template is either in MS Word, Excel or in PDF.

Sample Free Presentation Template  

Free Presentation Template

Download Free Presentation Template

Title ___________________ [Give the title or a name of the presentation]

Describe the objectives of the presentation [Give 3 or 4 main objectives of the presentation or what it expects to accomplish]:

  • Objective 1: __________
  • Objective 2: __________
  • Objective 3: __________

Description of the presentation [Give a brief summary of what is the presentation all about]:

Main points [Describe using bullet points what is the main issue in the presentation]:

  • Point 1: _______
  • Point 2: _______
  • Point 3: _______

Solution [Describe the plan of action and make a list of all the points which will serve as solutions to the problem or issue described above]

  • Solution 1: _________:
  • Solution 2: _________:
  • Solution 3: _________:

Conclusion [Use bullets or brief sentences to sum up and conclude the presentation]




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