A funeral program template is designed to outline the plan of a funeral program effectively such that the entire event can be carried out flawlessly. A funeral program is generally serious and morose in approach, considering the purpose for which it is conducted. It should thus comprise of various programs wherein the deceased will be remembered, praised for his/ her contributions, and honoured for his/ her achievements and success. The template should also be designed accordingly to contain a detailed report of the funeral program such that not a single fact is unwontedly left out. It should, however, be carefully noted that the funeral program template should not be too much professional in its approach, instead should bring out the personal feeling of having lost a dear one

You can Download the Free Funeral Program Template form, customize it according to your needs and Print. Funeral Program Template is either in MS Word, Excel or in PDF.

Sample Funeral Program Template:

Funeral Program Template

Download Funeral Program Template

Funeral Program


The Late ___________________________ [mention the name of the dead person]

In the loving memory of late Mr./ Mrs./ Miss _____________________________________ [give the name of the person whose funeral program is being conducted]
[give a photograph of the person here]

____________________ [date of birth] to ___________________ [date of death]

Obituary:____________________________________________________________________________ [give a brief description of the person’s death and a note on his life, achievements, honours, etc.]
Services to be performed:


[give the name of the service]


[describe in details the nature of the service and the process in which it will be conducted, also mentioning the exact time]

  1. Prayer
  1. Reading of Holy Book and Scriptures
  1. Funeral Song
  1. Eulogy, Benediction and Funeral words and remarks
  1. Other programs [if any]
Program to be held:At: ___________________________________ [mention the place where the funeral is to take place]

_______________________________________________________ [give directions to reach the location

Date: _________________                                                      Time: _____________________