A games website template is a useful layout for the proper designing of a games website. A games website must be very attractive and interactive. Thus a games website template must address all the key areas and facilitate optimum user friendliness.

Sample Games Website Template

Game addict  - Games Website Template

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GamesTheme - Games Website Template

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Name: _________________________________ [Name of the games website]

Concepts developed by: ________________________________ [Mention the name(s) of the concept designers and software developers]

A general overview of our website: _____________________________ [Mention briefly, the purpose of the games website and how to operate it]

Games we offer:

  • Game 1: _________________________________ system requirements: ___________________________________
  • Game 2: ________________________________ system requirements: ________________________________________
  • Game 3: ________________________________ system requirements: _______________________________________

[Provide an outline of the various online games offered by the website and the system requirements that need to be fulfilled to operate them]

Our target clientele: ___________________________________ [Mention the target customer base for the games of the website]

DVDs of our games are available from:

  • Address: __________________________
  • Contact number: ____________________ [Provide an address from where DVDs of the games will be available. Mention the prices as well]