A Gantt chart template is used in projects to demonstrate the tasks, events and the time it will take to complete a project. You can use the template to show when the project starts and when it is expected to end.

A Gantt chart makes the process of measuring the progress of a project easy. It converts the scheduled time, tasks and dates into horizontal bar charts. The excel Gantt chart is simulated from the excel sheets by customizing the bars to show the task, duration and time.

The excel Gantt chart uses days to represent the time on the horizontal axis, you can replace the days with hours or months. Each bar shows a project task and it becomes easier for the audience to see how much time each task takes and calculate the expected time the whole project should take to be complete.

The excel sheet columns are labeled in such a way that column B shows the task name, column C the start date and column D the total duration of each task in days.

Sample Gantt Chart Template