A general health template is a ready to use document which is drafted when an organisation wishes to conduct any health survey or when a hospital required patients or visitors to fill in responses on general health. Basically such templates are useful because no major amount of information is needed to be added by organisations using them as almost all the content is prewritten. The users just need to add a few personal points in order to customise the general health template. This means that such templates are used to save time and are mostly used by those people who are not aware of the format or content to be used in such a template. In case you are searching for any topic of a health template ,then there is no better place than this website.

“You can Download the Free General Health Template form, customize it according to your needs and Print. General Health Template is either in MS Word, Excel or in PDF.”

Sample General health template:

General health template

Download General health template

Name: _______________ [mention here the name of the person filling the general health document]

Age: _____________ [mention here the age of the person]

Date of birth: ___________/___________/______________

Address: _______________ [mention here the address of the person]

Contact number: _____________ [mention here the contact number of the person]

Email address: __________ [mention the email address of the person]

Q1. Are you presently suffering from any major medical ailments? [This question is asked to know about any major medical conditions]

______________________ [Provide space for answer]

Q2. Are you physically fit and active? [This question is asked to know about general fitness and health]

________________________ [provide space for answer]

Q3. Have you previously been diagnosed with a disease or condition which was later treated? [This question is asked to know medical history]

____________________ [provide space for answer]

Q4. Do you suffer from disabetes, high Blood pressure or heart problem? [This question is asked to know about common medical conditions]

______________________ [provide space for answer]

Q5. Do you visit a dentist regularly? Is you dental health condition up to acceptable standards? [This question is asked to know about dental health condition]

____________________ [provide space for answer]

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