A GMAT essay template portrays the accepted way of producing an essay written for GMAT application. It is an analytical and argumentative type essay which demands great cognitive as well as writing skills from the writer. Successful presentation of the content is determined by the efficacy of the arguments and the dissection of the essay object in this case. Thus, knowing the pattern and ways of dissection is the key to GMAT essay. The writer must have a sound perspective of the disputable issue which he can not only reason well but also impress the reader with in a healthy manner, by removing bias from his mind.

You can Download the Free GMAT Essay Template form, customize it according to your needs and Print. GMAT Essay Template is either in MS Word, Excel or in PDF.

Sample GMAT Essay Template

GMAT Essay Template

Download GMAT Essay Template


Name of the writer: __________________________________ [Give name of the essayist]
Purpose: _____________________ [Mention the purpose of presenting the essay in short]
Organization name: __________ [Give the name of the organization evaluating the essay]
Date: ___________________ [Give the date on which the essay writing skill is evaluated]
Time of evaluation: _______________ [Mention the total time given for writing the essay]
Grades or Distinctions: ___________________________ [Briefly explain the marking patterns and strategies of the E-rater]
PARAGRAPH 1: [Lay down the introduction]Dissection of the topic:

_______________ [broad statement of the topic]

_______________ [components of the topic]

_______________ [premise of each sub-topic]

_______________ [hypothetical assumptions]

PARAGRAPH 2: [Lay down the main body of discussion]
A. Argumentative Points [State the predominant aspect of the argument]B. Examples [State the facts and practical occurrences contingent to the argument]

C. Relationship [Draw a relation between A and B]

PARAGRAPH 3: [Lay down a summary] _____________________________