Whenever a person or an individual wants to apply for a course or program at a graduate school, he/she writes an application which is sent to the college along with a cover letter. This cover letter is known as a graduate school cover letter.

The cover letter must convince the recipient about the suitability of the applicant and the reasons why he/she would be the ideal choice to be a part of that college. A graduate school cover letter template is a readymade graduate school cover letter which can be used by anyone who wants to frame the cover letter for application purpose.

A graduate school cover letter template helps because it is easy to use and can be modified or altered as per individual requirements. It consists of blank spaces that can be filled in by the user to make the template a personal cover letter.

Some fields which are already present in such templates include subject, the incomplete body of the letter and the completed format. The rest of the details are to be filled in but take no time because blanks are left for the convenience of the users. These templates can be downloaded from the web by anyone.

Sample Graduate School Cover Letter Template:


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