Are you about to organize a graduation party soon and looking for the perfect invitation format? Well, graduation parties involve elaborate arrangement and it’s pretty natural that you are running out of time to come up with choicest of invite. But don’t worry you have a diverse range of graduation invitation templates online to guide you here.

Below is a list of 30 best graduate invitation templates-

Hats off Graduation Invitation Template:

This one is sure to be appreciated by your beloved new graduates and their near ones. There cannot be anything more honorary than the “hats-off” gesture. The green background is easy on eye.


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Black Graduation Invitation Template:

It’s bright and vibrant, much aligned to the bustling spirit of the young graduates. The black background and the smart use of rick shades add on an edgy appeal to the template.



Light Gray Graduation Invitation Template:

This template can be a good example for personalized graduate party invitations. Get a pretty picture of the smart new graduate and use it on the invitation cover.



Flint Graduation Invitation Template:

This is something really touchy. With one childhood picture and one current snap, the template shows how beautifully time flies. The matt bubble background adds depth to the template.



Merlot Graduation Invitation Template:

This template is oh-so-classy. The off-white background does not get bring given the presence of bright red at the top. This is a great guide if you have to include a great deal of information.



Charcoal Graduation Invitation Template:

With a simple picture frame look, this template is oh-so-smart. The graduate’s picture at the center makes the invite more significant leaving you decent place at the bottom for necessary party information.



Wood Graduation Invitation Template:

This one is very elegant and artsy. With a collage of pictures of the new graduate in different moods, this invite is going to be a lovely keepsake for your family.



Luxe Turquoisegraduation Invitation Template:

If you are looking for some out-of-the box idea, this graduate invitation template is the one for you. The classy black & white snap adds depth and the “CON-GRAD-ULAT-IONS” bit is just mindblowing.


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Deep Blue Graduation Invitation Template:

The idea of a vibrant smiling photo at the center of the invitation card is always a winner. The nice floral back is a much welcome bonus, enriching the aesthetic value of the invitation letter.


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Black Graduation Invitation Template:

This template celebrates the bright future lying ahead for the young graduate with its vibrant gold wise sayings.  The black background gets an elegant touch to the invitation letter.


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Posies Graduation Invitation Template:

This template is really soothing on the eye with a grey front backed by light pink. The presence of black and vibrant pictures on the card front breaks the grey monotony nicely.


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Name Of Graduation Template:

If you are looking for something simple & smart, this is the graduate invitation template for you. The nice smiling picture of the young graduate covering the entire invitation letter looks great- the rounded place for information is edgy.



Walnut Graduation Invitation Template:

This template uses pictures capturing different moods of the young graduate in varied locating throughout the invitation letter. The blank space in between the pictures has been smartly utilized for the party information.



Dijon Graduation Invitation Template:

This template has a kind of an old paper feel and it is this vintage effect that makes it all the more special. A nostalgic touch is created and heightened by the use of muted shades.



School’s Out Graduation Announcement Template:

Added to the raised hats flying the scholar hats up in the air, the highlight of this template is the saying “School’s out forever” placed right at top.



Hello Future Graduation Invitation Template:

This template heartily welcomes the bright future lying ahead of the young graduate. The use of light and black shades has created a balanced effect on the template the funky “future” font adds on an edgy touch.



Name Of  Miss Graduate Template:

This template is perfect for parties meant for female graduates. Right from its feminine pink surface to the illustration of a smart lady graduate, this template is one of the best options for complimenting the spirited miss graduate.



Black custom Graduation Invitation Template:

If you are looking for something classy as a mark of the celebration of your bright young graduate, this is the one for you. The glittering golden presence renders a glam touch on the black background.



 Merlotreturn Address Label Template:

 The simplistic card speaks with its illustration- the illustration of the bright scholar hat signifies graduation party smartly. The off-white background with the stylish fonts makes the invitation a great eye-catcher.



Class Invitation Template:

This is a really chic graduate invitation templates for parties in the honor of a new lady graduate. The use of blue & the smart illustration have ensured the chic effect even on a plain white background.



 Look Who’s graduating Template:

The rolled effect has rendered a royal effect to the template with the invitation card looking every bit of an imperial invitation. The teddy face under a scholar hart ensures the fun factor in the invite.



Celebrating Graduation Template:

The very presence of a blooming flower at the lower left side of the template signifies the blooming future of a young graduate. The nice play of dark & light hues all over makes the invitation letter really edgy.



Graduation Template:

The template has been smartly divided into two halves- one half represents the young gun who successfully graduated and the other imparts the necessary party information. The cursive font assures an elegant appeal.



Truffle Return Address Label Template:

This template just comes up with the bare minimum graduation party invitation with the name of the graduate, followed by the venue of the party. The rich brown background looks suave.



Graduation Invitation Template:

This template mostly concerns around different pictures of the graduate in varied sizes and moods. The place in the middle and bottom is used to impart information on the party.



Finely Framed Graduation Invitation Template:

This is one very classy graduation party invitation template which anybody would love to preserve as a keepsake. The black background studded with white fonts and the white décor at the top create a much desired rich appeal.



Celebration Graduation Template:

This a simple no-fuss design with its unique smart outlook. The illustration of a scholar at the top signifies invitation for a graduate invitation party and pink theme implies that it’s for a young lady graduate.



 Name Of Graduation Invitation Template:

This is a very sassy graduation party invite with its funky illustrations. The use of pink, the polka dotted chair and stilettos signify that the graduation party is dedicated to a smart lady graduate.



 Welcome Graduation Invitation Template:

It’s a simple no-nonsense design meant for a young graduate mister. The use of two variant shades of blue renders a smart effect to the invitation letter. It’s a very neat presentation.



Name Of Graduation Invitation Template:

This is a unique template design very creatively done. The zoomed brown scholar hat signifies the purpose of the party brilliantly and the rich yellow color creates a fine visual contrast.