A guest room cleaning checklist is a kind of a checklist which is often used by hotels, guests houses and resorts to maintain a check on the cleaning of the various guest rooms. The checklist consists of several sections and categories such as cleaning of bathroom, cleaning of bedroom, cleaning of bed, cleaning of floor and other such things.

To save time and to frame a proper checklist for guest room cleaning, hotels and guest houses often take into use guest room cleaning checklist templates. These templates are useful because they are pre -formatted and also consist of most of the content points needed.

  • Guest room cleaning checklist template has been left with blank spaces where the user need to put a check or enter category of cleaning according to the needs of the user. Instructions are also provided which may help to fill in these spaces and customize the checklist.
  • Guest room cleaning checklist template is extremely beneficial as it may help hotels to save on the expertise or knowledge which is required to frame such checklists.
  • Another benefit of these templates is that they bring down the workload of a hotel by a large measure.

Sample Guest Room Cleaning Checklist Template:


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