A guitar classes pamphlet template is a written document which is drafted in such a way that it can be used as a guitar classes pamphlet. Such templates really save a lot of time for those guitar classes which are interested in releasing such pamphlets.

Sample Guitar Classes Pamphlet Template:

Guitar classes pamphlet template

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Name of guitar class: _________ [mention the name of the guitar class]

Name of the guitar class teacher: ____________ [mention the name of the guitar class teacher]

Address of the guitar class: ____________ [write down the full address of the guitar class]

Contact number of guitar class: _________write down the contact number of the guitar class]

Introduction to guitar

Guitar is one of the most important musical instruments on today’s musical scenario. Without a guitar, no musical rock band or western musical band is complete. [Give other such points about the guitar and the way it is learnt]

We have classes for starters as well as for practiced guitar artists. The following is the schedule:

Acoustic Guitar beginner’s batch-Monday, Wednesday, Friday-1-3 pm

Acoustic Guitar advanced batch-Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday-2-4 pm

Electric guitar beginner’s batch-Monday, Wednesday, Friday-5-7 pm

Electric guitar advanced batch-Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday-11-2 pm

Bass guitar beginner’s batch-Monday, Wednesday, Friday-3-5 pm

Bass Guitar advanced batch-Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday-4-6 pm

[Here mention the details of the classes held with their days and timings]

For details related to guitar purchasing contact ______ [name of the person] at _______ [give the contact number of the person]

For any further queries, contact the guitar class and for admission purpose, visit the music class any day from Monday to Saturday from 11 am onwards to 7 pm.