A Gym brochure template is the layout of the document used by the gym training centres, which depicts the detailed information about the fitness training courses, cost and facilities available. This is an effective tool through which gym training centre demonstrate their efficiency in the following field and encourage an interested individual. A gym brochure template acts like a readymade document which can be used as per the gym’s requirements. The gym template must focus basically on the format and structure of the brochure which a person might not be able to frame himself.

The customisable nature of the gym brochure template makes it widely used and used in an inexpensive manner. The templates can be extremely time saving for most gym owners. Samples of the same can be found on this website.

Sample Gym Brochure Template



Download Gym Brochure Template


Name of the Gym __________________________________

Name of the fitness trainer __________________________

Established in _____________________ [year]

Address _________________

Fitness programs: [mention various fitness training programs offered by the gym along with its description]

Fitness program 1 _______________________

Description of fitness program 1 ____________________________

Fitness program 2 _______________________

Description of fitness program 2 _____________________

Fitness program 3 _______________________

Description of fitness program 3 ____________________________

Packages offered: [mention the packages offered along with the cost of each of them]

Package 1 ________________________________

Cost of package 1 ________________________________

Package 2 ________________________________

Cost of package 2________________________________

Client reviews on our training _______________________________________________