Gym letterhead templates are used by the gym owners or respective authorities when they are in the need of making their own letterheads. Though by definition the letterhead is the top or the heading part on the paper but now generally the paper is referred to as the letterhead. So except for the upper heading part, the paper is blank. Thus the heading part of the paper includes the name of the gym and other details of the gym which are relevant to be placed on the letterhead. The other details as included above would be the physical location of the gym, the correspondence details of the gym and its timings.

The letterhead template is thus a document which helps in placing the above mentioned details in a proper format. It will make space for all the information and will also direct the respective user as to how should they fill it up. There may also be a place for a footnote on the letterhead paper. The letterhead once ready is used by the gym authorities for all sorts of works. For example for making recommendations (like diets, exercises etc.) to their clients, for writing notices (like change in timings), and for doing other official paper work for the gym.

Sample Gym Letterhead Template:


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