A health and safety risk assessment template is a document where each task that is done is cautiously analysed for its intensity of risk. Employers must perform a risk appraisal of jobs that present a major risk to healthiness and security. The template is like a ready to use document which can be put to use on almost and immediate basis as all the work that the user needs to do is to fill in a few personal details. Thus these templates can be easily and quickly customised to suit one’s own specifications and requirements. Basically such templates are extremely time saving as well as inexpensive to use and hence popular.  Many health templates and their samples can be found on this website

“You can Download the Free Health and Safety Risk Assessment Template form, customize it according to your needs and Print. Health and Safety Risk Assessment Template is either in MS Word, Excel or in PDF.”

Sample Health and Safety Risk Assessment Template

Health and Safety Risk Assessment Template

Download Health and Safety Risk Assessment Template

Date of assessment ______ [(dd/mm/yyyy ) date of making the assessment]

Ref no ___________ [reference no of assessment]

Created by _______________ [name of firm]

Address __________ [address of firm]

The following appraisal outlines the various risky or unhealthy ventures of the firm and how to take proper steps to prevent accidents:-

Activity name ____________ [mention activity]

Hazard or risk___________ [risk involved to be mentioned]

People who work ______________ [mention the department involved]

Measures to be taken ____________ [control steps to be taken]

Risk rating _____________ [rate the risk factor on a scale of 5]

The above assessment has been validated and verified by

_____________________ [signature of the person who has validated]

dd/mm/yyyy [validation date]