A health program evaluation template is a ready to use document which is framed in such a way that it can be taken into use as a health program evaluation paper just by adding a few details for which blank spaces have been left in the template. Such templates help to save a lot of time of organisations. Any such document is an easy to use and can be treated one with a perfect layout and a well structured format. Many organisations use such templates in the cases where they are not sure about the format or the content to be used in the evaluation document. If you are looking for a sample of any kind of health template, then there is no better place than this website.

“You can Download the Free Health Program Evaluation Template form, customize it according to your needs and Print. Health Program Evaluation Template is either in MS Word, Excel or in PDF.”

Sample Health program evaluation

Health program evaluation

Download Health program evaluation

Name of health program evaluation: ____________ [mention the name of the health program evaluation]

Type of program: _________________ [government, non government, non profit, non government-commercial etc…]

Target population: _____________ [mention the people who shall be the benefactors of this health program evaluation]

Partners in the health program evaluation:  _____________ [mention the details of the partners in this program]

Program administration:

Purpose: ________________ [mention the mission, goals and objectives which are meant to be achieved through this program]

Written conceptual framework, policies, and procedures: _____________________ [mention the details of the framework and relates policies]

Long term goals: _______________ [mention all the long term goals wishes to be reached]

Strategies: ______________ [mention the various strategies involved]

Program intervention strategies:

Health communication [here provide more options under this category which suit the purpose]

Health education

Health engineering

Health related community service

Quality assessment and improvement:

Evaluative plan______________ [mention the details of the process and method used for evaluation]

Regular collection of timely performance data___________ [mention the ways and schedule of the collection of performance data]

Benchmarks for improving the program and health indicators_______________ [mention the various points through which the program can be improved for the benefactors]