When a person makes a hotel booking, he/she is handed over an invoice by the hotel authorities indicating the cost of the bookings and all the services used by him/her. Such an invoice is known or termed as a hotel booking invoice. A hotel booking invoice is a very important invoice document as it helps to record the various bookings and also acts as proof that the customer or guest has made the payment or not. A hotel booking invoice template is a ready to use invoice document which can be personalized by any hotel to create a customer specific invoice.

  • A hotel booking invoice template can be considered as a ready made hotel booking invoice which has been provided with a proper and formal format as well as most of the content details which such invoices have.
  • Some of the fields which are mentioned in the hotel booking invoice templates include name of hotel, name of customer, hotel room number which is booked, price per night, total night’s stay, total price with taxes.
  • A hotel booking invoice template is left with spaces which can be filled in with information by the hotel authorities to hand over the invoice to the customers or guests.

Sample Hotel Booking Invoice Template

Hotel Booking Invoice Template

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