hotel owners present the details of the hotel facility, charges and customer reviews by the help of a hotel brochure template layout. This document generates the marketing of a particular hotel and pervades the good will. Moreover, such kind of brochure must emphasize on various aspects like facilities, customer reviews etc which a prospective customers generally look for before booking a hotel room. Any hotel brochure template is a ready to use document which can be used by hotel authorities to put in details of their hotel to attract the customers. Such templates usually consist of some blank spaces at appropriate places so that users can fill in their personal details so as to customise the document.

These hotel brochure templates are used by many people as these are time saving as well as inexpensive ways to promote and popularise their hotel.

Sample Hotel Brochure Template



Download Hotel Brochure Template


Name of the hotel _________________________________________

Contact details _____________________________

Established in _______________________________________ [year]

About us _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ [mention overall details about the hotel like how many rooms in total, facilities and room service that is being provided]

Greenery all around ________________________________________________________________________ [mention about the surrounding of the hotel that would give a compelling message]

Spacious rooms _____________________________ [briefly mention about the rooms]

Delicacy in foods _________________________ [mention what are the different kinds of food available in this hotel]

Room services offered _________________________________

Experience of our early customer ______________________________________