A hotel letterhead is the official document which is necessarily required to fulfil the official purposes at the respective hotel or organisation. Issuing something on the letterhead or making use of it is in a way the hotel supporting whatever the material on the letterhead says. The hotel letterhead template is the template which is used to make a proper functional hotel letterhead. The template is used so that the letterhead so achieved meets all the formal requirements that are supposed to be contained in the document. The templates are easily available for anyone to edit and add their own details.

Once the details of the respective entity are filled in the letterhead template is complete and is ready to be used for the professional needs. For example when the hotel authorities have a set letterhead they can issue circulars and notices on it and pass them on to all the employees. The letterhead is also used for many other purposes like when the authorities need to place utility orders, orders for hotel supplies etc. They are also used in all of the administrative tasks of the hotel like the appointment letter of any new employee is to be issued on the letterhead, same goes for termination and many other formalities.

Sample Hotel Letterhead Template:


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