Hotel- the term is coined to refer to the entities/organisation or businesses that provide the service of short term paid lodging. Though within the head of lodging the range of services and facilities actually provided may vary a lot. For example some hotels provide only basic services like beds and storage for clothing and other personal items while some hotels may provide wider range of luxury services and some may provide catering while others may not. Based on the kind of services provided, the hotels need to prepare appropriate menu or menus, as suitable for the organisation. Now an individual assigned with the responsibility of preparing the menu (s) can use the hotel menu templates.

The templates are considered the easiest way to get the task of making menus done. They are rated as easy way because all the formatting and pattern work is already done in the template. All that is needed to be done on part of the individual responsible is, get the template and fill it with the details of the respective hotel. For example when preparing the food menu for the in room service at the hotel, all the individual needs to do is place the varied food items as required in the list/ group in the template.

Sample Hotel Menu Template:


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