Hotel Website Template

A Hotel website template is a template that can be used as a sample document to design the hotel website. The website should list the features and facilities available in the hotel. The website should also contain an option for online booking.

You can Download the Free Hotel Website Template form, customize it according to your needs and Print. Hotel Website Template is either in MS Word, Excel or in PDF.

Sample Hotel Website Template:

Vierra - Hotel Website Template

More Info | View Demo

Dreamy - Hotel Website Template

More Info | View Demo

Name of the Hotel: _______________

[Insert images]

About us



Hotel uniqueness

_______________________________________________ [Describe in a few lines how the hotel is different from others]


Rooms:              _________________________________________________

Swimming Pool:  _________________________________________________

Tennis Court:              _________________________________________________

Golf Court:         _________________________________________________

Food and wine:   _________________________________________________

View:                 _________________________________________________

Ambience:          _________________________________________________

Spa service:               _________________________________________________


  1. 1 Bed Room without AC:       ___________
  2. 1 Bed Room with AC:   ___________
  3. 2 Bed Room without AC:       ___________
  4. 2 Bed Room with AC:   ___________
  5. 3 Bed Room without AC:       ___________
  6. 3 Bed Room with AC:   ___________
  7. For extra person:                ___________

Hotel Finder

Country: ___________________________ [Show a drop down of all countries of the hotel]

State: ____________________________

Search results: __________ __________ __________ __________ __________ [Show all the locations for the search]

Reward Programmes

  1. _________________________________________________________
  2. _________________________________________________________
  3. _________________________________________________________

Online Booking

No. of rooms: ________________

No. of Adults: _______________ No. of children: _______________

Check in date: _______________ Check out date: _______________ [Date Format DD/MM/YYYY]

Payment type: Credit Card / Debit Card / Online banking

Total amount: ______________ [Calculate the fare]

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