A house building budget template bears extreme importance as the concerned person planning to build a house can properly write his budgetary allocations and related matters with the help of it. The specifications and other details of house building are neatly organized in the budget template making it convenient for the person using it. The template consists of a well structured outline which has the major headings and points of budget divisions. Thus the user only needs to fill in his house building budget specifications so as to customise the template for his use. This means that many people can save their time and energy by using these kinds of templates. If you are searching for a sample of the same, then all you need to do is to scroll down.

Sample House building budget template:

House Building Budget Template

Download House Building Budget Template

Sample House building budget template:

House Building Budget Template

Download House building budget template

Price of the plot: $_______________ (inclusive of taxes)

Legal consultant fees: $ _____________

Registration fees: $ _____________

Services of the architect: $__________

Services of the accounts manager: $________

Services of the contractor: $________

The raw materials                             quantity                                        amount (in $)

Bricks                                               _____                                              ______

Cement                                             _____                                              ______

Sand                                                 _____                                              ______

Glasses                                             _____                                               ______

Stone chips/pebbles                         ______                                             ______

Water supplies                                 ______                                              ______

Paints                              ______                                             ______

Metal works                                      _____                                               ______

Marble                                             _____                ______

Mosaic works                                 _______                                             _______

Electrical works                              ______                                               _______

Other raw materials                        _______                                             ______

List of other workers and budget allocation

Masons            $______

Plumbers         $______

Electricians     $______

Casual laborers $______

Mechanics       $______

Other workers $_____

Total amounts   $ _______ (sum total of all the expenses)