House templates, as the name depicts, are executed for maintaining the household chores as well as budgets and records of expenditures. Such a template is drafted according to the needs and requirements. A house template is sufficient to document the grocery, cleaning and expense reports. These types of templates prove to be very helpful for proper and effective management of the house.

Types of the house templates:

  • Grocery list template
  • House cleaning template
  • Daily expense template, etc

A house template helps the house owner to track the monthly expenditure and to plan the budget according to the necessity. Following factors should be considered while drafting a house expense template.

  • Mention the date column and number of the expenditure in the house template.
  • Do prepare the column as per daily requirements and expenses in the template
  • Mention the price of each item, total cost for full purchase, including the taxes and finally make a column of gross amount in a house template.
  • Draft a column for the usage of the purchased products in the column in order to estimate the quantity for the next purchase.

Hence, by filing the drafted columns, a person can keep the track of monthly requirements and expenses.

Sample Grocery List Template:

Grocery List Template

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Sample House Cleaning Template:

House Cleaning Template

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Sample Daily Expense Template:

Daily Expense Template

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